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New Gaming YouTube Channel!

2014-08-11 21:53:22 by Son23

Hey, everyone! Me and my British friend, Elsie, started a new gaming channel together (if anyone isn't annoyed at gaming channels by now).

So far it's just let's plays, but we are currently working on some top 10 videos, and reviews! Stay tuned!

Also, check out the new WHOOKOS animation that I am in, and several other talents! Check it out!

Rob's Rants Prologue Episode!

2013-07-28 19:37:17 by Son23

Finally finished the first episode of Rob's Rant's!

Go take a look at what I will be bitching and moaning about!

Also, the hentai animation is coming along good too! More with that soon!

Go watch Rob's Rants...or the kittens get it!

Rob's Rants Prologue Episode!

Animation Progress

2013-06-30 21:29:53 by Son23

I'm about 85% done one animation!

I have been hard at work trying to make it look good. It's a re-learning process.

I am debating whether to just do frame by frame with character models, or to just have everything already made and just tween it real good. Or both.

Also, can't find good flash tutorials, but I did discover one of Zone's live streams that helped a bit (especially with lip syncing).

I leave you with this image!

Animation Progress

Animations coming: Comedy & Hentai.

2013-04-04 21:57:37 by Son23

HOLY TITS, I HAVEN'T POSTED ON HERE IN A MINUTE! Not that anyone really noticed/care LOL.

Working on some animations, now. Trying to get them out before the summer.

One is a comedy series based on the "SoH What?" comics I post on Deviantart.

The other will be a hentai. I've always wanted to make at least one. I haven't started that one YET, but it's not far off. I want to get SoH What? started first.

I'll post some screens as soon as I finish some scenes. =)

Check my DA for test animations, though!

In the meantime, I will keep doing videos with my friends on my gaming Youtube channel!

I have some updates for everyone! CK70

I am talking about details on the Divina Commedia.
I am also announcing some stuff about my Manga that takes place on newgrounds.

I'll be posting the pictures in my art gallery as well.

Opening Commissions!

2010-03-03 13:46:43 by Son23

I decided a few weeks ago to open up commissions on my DeviantArt profile. I want to draw, and lately I haven't had much inspiration or know what to draw. Doing commissions is a great way to get inspired and draw A LOT, while making a little money to buy programs and items to improve my art's look (like an upgrade of Photoshop, a bigger tablet, etc.).

If you are interested in commissioning me, please go to my DA and read the rules posted in my journal. If you do not have a DA account, no worries! You can send me a PM on newgrounds and I will still fill a slot for you.

If you do commission me, you would be supporting me and helping me out to improve my art style to look better, help me buy better programs and tools to improve my output, as well as helping me improve and grow my business (SoH Studios) and it's many productions currently in the works (Newground Manga for example).

So please look over the rules if you are interested, send me a PM on DA or Newgrounds if you don't have an account on DA, and I will work my magic.

I will post commissions on both DA and Newgrounds.

I keep getting scouted, then unscouted, then scouted, then unscouted for the art portal. Do not understand why that is. Whatever, though. Maybe someone will notice me again and scout me for good.

Anyway, I will be putting up new art pretty soon. I have been trying to make my characters less stiff. I think I am getting it X3

Also, I have been given permission to say this: I going to be voice acting in a Xbox 360 game called Glass Empire. Look out for that, it's gonna be fun.

I am also playing Sephiroth (again) in a FFVII movie. Everyone seems to love my Sephiroth voice.

Once I have the links with more info I will post them X3.

Artistic "Times of the Month"

2009-07-14 19:32:51 by Son23

This is more for artists.

I am not sure about you, but I have certain days/week where I just CAN'T DRAW FOR SHIT!

I know I am not the best artist, but still sometimes I just cannot draw a straight line. I hate it. It only happens every now and again. There would be a few days where I just cannot draw. I know when it's coming because I draw REALLY good before it happens.

Anyway, I'm going to submit a picture later.

Oh, and I managed to get my hands on the Japanese Kingdom Hearts 358/2. For fans, I suggest getting the game when it comes here in America. Extra husky. X3

NG Manga progress

2009-06-22 08:11:56 by Son23

If anyone else here is aware, I am creating a manga based on newgrounds.

The story has been polished over the past few months, and I have been drawing and redrawing the first few pages of the first chapter. My art skills are getting better, so hopefully the first few pages with catch people's eyes.

I have a title for it, but I won't reveal it yet.

I can tell you, though, I have told the story in detail to a select few people both online and in real life. So far I have been getting positive responses story-wise. Alls that is left is creating the visual. Grant it, my first manga may not look as best as I want it, but I am working VERY hard to improve my art skills so my characters look better and such.

Also keep in mind, for people interested, I am doing the drawing solo. No other member of SoH Studios can draw. So this will take A WHILE. If I could find someone who knows how to work with Manga Studio, and perhaps they can do the shading...then that'll be easier.

Oh well, right now I will do all the drawing and stuff solo. It'll help improve my art.

Art Portal! Maybe Commissions?

2009-06-19 15:10:49 by Son23


I already submitted some pictures.

It's going to take forever to get scouted though...>.<' Not a big fan of the scouting part, but this is still new so got to get use to it.

Maybe they will add a commission section (if there isn't something like that already) for people who pay other artists to draw stuff for them. That would be sweet and a good way for an artist to improve and get more material to look better.

I do not plan to submit many of my original characters. I want their popularity to grow through manga and animations first. So I'll be submitting commissions, fan art, drawings of myself and others, etc.