Animations coming: Comedy & Hentai.

2013-04-04 21:57:37 by Son23

HOLY TITS, I HAVEN'T POSTED ON HERE IN A MINUTE! Not that anyone really noticed/care LOL.

Working on some animations, now. Trying to get them out before the summer.

One is a comedy series based on the "SoH What?" comics I post on Deviantart.

The other will be a hentai. I've always wanted to make at least one. I haven't started that one YET, but it's not far off. I want to get SoH What? started first.

I'll post some screens as soon as I finish some scenes. =)

Check my DA for test animations, though!

In the meantime, I will keep doing videos with my friends on my gaming Youtube channel!


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2013-04-05 03:56:07

Hentai? Why not! :D

Son23 responds:

lol, right?