Animation Progress

2013-06-30 21:29:53 by Son23

I'm about 85% done one animation!

I have been hard at work trying to make it look good. It's a re-learning process.

I am debating whether to just do frame by frame with character models, or to just have everything already made and just tween it real good. Or both.

Also, can't find good flash tutorials, but I did discover one of Zone's live streams that helped a bit (especially with lip syncing).

I leave you with this image!

Animation Progress


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2013-07-09 16:17:59

Frame by frame is the way to go. It can a lot more than tweenimation, and by that I mean, it can do anything. If you're already good at drawing your character(s), than you shouldn't have a problem with it. Just make sure you got onion skin on.

Also, what is this "Zone".

Son23 responds:

See, the problem I have is that frame by frame takes too long and my work schedule doesn't give me much time to animate. "Tweenimation" doesn't take as long, but can look bad if not done correctly. If I combine the two, it'll look great. I personally prefer frame by frame, though. If this was my full time job, or if I didn't have such a lack of free time, I'd do frame by frame in a heartbeat and not think twice about it. So you can see why I am somewhat torn between one and the other ^_^'.

Zone is a flash artist who does mostly Hentai games/animations. However, if you're not into that look up ZTV. No hentai involved in that. Zone's animations are the best example I can think of for mostly tweenimation.